You probably saw ACB in the hearing. She was submitted to withering fire from Senator Harris and just sat there focused and coldly calm. She did not offer any reasons how she decided previous court cases or will decide cases in the future. She says she will decide cases following the law and not deviate into opinion. Harris was provocative as expected but ACB just listened and only answered the attacks when it was absolutely necessary.

Judge Barrett has been an overachiever her whole life. From High School on she has been a top student. She made a decision early in life that she was going into law. Antonin Scalia mentored her early in her career. She learned well following his philosophy of textualism, a belief that law speaks for itself and there is no reason to look for meaning outside the text.

As far as being prepared, she has been preparing for this job interview her whole life. What is shocking is that the only piece of paper she had in front of her Today was a blank sheet of US Senate letterhead.

The judge seems compassionate. She adopted two children from Haiti one of which has special needs. As a kid in her house would you ever question her as not being in charge? Those eyes, that focus doesn't invite chaos about the house. Unlike most husbands myself included, her husband takes on a full load as needed to make the family work.

She is just a remarkable person. An exceptional person not anything like most of us. She has certainly earned her chance at being a Supreme Court Judge and most likely be confirmed.

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