You don’t need a relationship, you want one. And it’s okay to want something and not have it yet. That doesn’t mean you won’t have it ever.

Lets talk numbers:

In 1979, women officially overtook men as the dominant sex on college campuses. In 2021, women made up 55% of the undergraduate population in the U.S. and 60% of the graduate school pool. Given that that the gender demographics of the United States have not changed — the latest census shows women making up 50.5% of the country and men 49.5%

Women are at .5% disadvantage demographically. Women live 5.1 years longer than men. Most (not all) women wouldn't think of dating a man making less than her. That cuts down the eligible men by 50% or so.

On the other hand men have the life style they have because of their personal income. They can't hope to win in the marriage lottery. An eligible middle aged man has probably has suffered at least one beat down in Divorce Court and aren't ready for another one. Men aren't picky. A reasonably attractive woman at whatever income is just fine. A man can't do much about his looks other than keeping reasonably fit. He can however enhance his attraction by getting a better job.

As men age they increasingly have the advantage for companionship . Time is cruel to women as far as relationships. Some women are proud to say " I can do without a man" They certainly can and will do without a man. It's all in the numbers.

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