You can’t have it both ways. There is nothing to see here, the election was fair. We all want our vote to count and the results fair.

As far as access to Government Routers that’s missing the point. Routers do just that, route IP packets of data to their destination. Unless you know what’s in the packets you have nothing.

Our voter information is stored in databases. These days most databases are managed in the Cloud, in other words in a remote location. Amazon, Google, Oracle and Microsoft are the principle managers of the Cloud. The vulnerability of our personal data is mostly due to County officials needing legimate access to voter data to run the elections. Those are the people you need to watch.

As far as the audit here in Maricopa County I have no opinion because I have no facts. They are there to audit the process. Eventually they will publish the results of their audit. Nobody is going to be “disenfranchised" because the Presidential results have already been accepted by Congress.

All this hysteria about voting is getting tiresome. You have to have rules to run an election. Whichever Party in state government has a right to set the rules. Just because one party sets the rules doesn’t mean it’s corrupt.

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