You are so so wrong Vicki. First of all human beings are manipulative that’s how we survive and strive. We manipulate to get what we need from others. Food, shelter and loving relationships are what we need to be happy human beings.

Men know to be respected we need to create wealth. A young man starts out with nothing and eventually creates wealth. Men don’t have a chance to marry into wealth, they need to create it or else be ignored.

So called femine woman are careful about their appearance. With beauty comes choices. Beauty is respected by both sexes. Beauty makes the person in the mirror happy too. If you consider a sexy outfit manipulative you would be right. That’s the whole point of beauty to elevate your position in society.

I know what you are thinking, women should have a career and a big paycheck. Nobody cares if a woman makes a big paycheck especially men. Men don’t benefit from a woman’s big paycheck because a woman is taught sharing money with a poorer man is an insult to her. Also if a woman has a big paycheck that means she has to spend a lot of time devoted to working.

Getting back to how women can manipulate men. If all it takes to control a man is an over flowing lingerie drawer why wouldn’t you make the investment? It’s kind of a no-brainer. You look pretty good in the mirror too.

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