You are a good writer but you have failed to make your case. I have a stock portfolio and hope that it continues to go up. I could care less who is in charge.

I really like Lisa Su, CEO at AMD. She is very dynamic and a great speaker. She is an engineer and well respected in her field. Under her leadership, she has brought AMD from a second tier player to the leader in a number of categories. Is she rah rah woman ? Not so far as I know.

What you and others are asking us to do is move out all those men and replace them with women. Why ? It's the right thing to do. As you mentioned this system has worked for centuries. it has provided jobs and goods and services for ordinary people. You have to make a better case other than to say we should enforce quotas for quota sake. Let's break things for the sake of breaking things.

Are you saying Woman CEO's are going to fix climate change and wealth inequality. For a person to be successful, those two reforms are probably last on the list as she tries to handle her new responsibilities as CEO. Female management doesn't automatically lead to either of these reforms.

Am I against females in management leadership roles ? Absolutely not. Do I think women can handle a CEO role ? They can and they do. Am I for ripping out our current management for the sake of a yet to be proven concept? Not all all.

Computer engineer in Silicon Valley. Writing about topics that interest me and may interest you.