Working at Apple is no picnic. It’s like they put a bunch long tables in the high school gym and ran wires to each station. About six people to each table two people facing each other. You try to hide behind your monitor. In my location at Apple there were over a hundred people in the room. There is a requirement at Apple that everyone use their badge at the door even if you are in a group of coworkers. With 100 people coming and going six times a day that’s 600 clicks of the noisy power lock. On the other hand the food is great and reasonably priced. At Google, the food is free, which has it’s own problems.

It never made sense to me that 25% of the workday was wasted commuting.

The millenia work ethic dictates there is no reason to find work that needs to be done, you just need to be efficient with your assigned tasks. Getting more assignments from your boss is challenging out of sight out of mind. That’s the stereotype and you know about stereotypes.

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