Women cycle through hormones typically on a monthly basis. Men have this testosterone hormone in our blood. Woman consider your worst hormone day and then imagine you had to deal with it every day of the month. That’s what it’s like to be a man.

As far as taking time off from work. Hopefully you will be missed otherwise you shouldn’t be there. Other people depend on you so they have to replace you at least temporarily. That takes planning.

As far as dressing for work or to be out in public you certainly have your challenges. It may be fun to be noticed but sometimes you would rather just blend in. Other women dont hesitate to express their opinion about how you look. And then there are the leering men at the checkout. I guess it depends on who is looking.

Being accepting of your six conflicting desires is a challenge. Fortunately you have control over your own desires. How you control your desires is the best example of your creativity. With age comes acceptance. It gets easier to handle your own discontent.

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