We have had fascism in American in the past. When Southern Whites were allowed to hunt down and kill blacks in the first half of the 1900's that was Fascism. It was government sponsored terrorism since whites could kill blacks and not be legally convicted of a crime. Fascism happened when FDR rounded up Japanese Americans and send them to encampments in the Arizona desert. Of course, slavery in America was fascism since it was government legalized slavery. Of course, we all know of Hitler who methodically gathered up Jews , Poles and other undesirables and put them in forced labor camps or were killed.

In this article you didn't even give an example of government sponsored terrorism or fascism. Nobody as far as I know or you know nobody has been pulled out of their home and killed.

In the Breonna Taylor case as regrettable as it is, her boyfriend admitted shooting and hitting a police officer. Because he shot at police officer he and two other officers returned fire and killed Ms. Taylor inadvertently. How is that anything but bad judgement on behalf of the boyfriend ? Fire a gun and hit a police officer bad things will happen to you,

Did Trump sent troops to protect government courthouses. Did troops take protesters out back of the courthouse and shoot them? Um no. Did they put a few in so called unmarked vehicles. Did the soldiers kill them or send them off to undisclosed locations like they do in China? Again, No.

On the other hand, I think the anti-fascists are winning. Our beautiful American cities are scarred with burnout building, graffiti and what's left is boarded up buildings as far as the eye can see. Michael Reinoehl, an avowed anti-fascist picked out a guy with a Trump hat and killed him in cold blood.

Believe me if a Gaddafi or Saddam Hussain didn't like you, you would be dead. So show me the bodies and I will believe you when you say there is "fascism" in this country.

Lastly will Trump leave office if he is defeated in the next election? Of course, he will. People are so gullible to believe everything they hear.

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