Two points stood out from this article. One the man has this “ nondescript “ role of provider and two the woman is the maintainer of the relationship.

A desirable male has a very well defined role of provider, that being more money is better. An unattractive man all of sudden gets better looking if he starts doing much better financially. Men know what they need to do to be more desirable. Get a better job. He knows he has to work tirelessly to maintain his financial status and therefore the relationship. If he fails financially he risks losing his partner.

Second the female is the maintainer of the relationship. Feminists gleefully point out how woman have superior powers since they can talk about the relationship ! Men don’t care. Talking about the the so called relationship is like going to the dentist. You open your mouth and end up getting sharp instruments shoved into your mouth. You can’t wait until the encounter is offer. Men have certain things they want from a relationship but it isn’t defined the same as the women’s ideal of what a relationship should be.

Let’s not get frustrated about this. Men and women complete each other by bringing together strengths and weaknesses and supporting each other.

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