Trump is yesterday’s news. The only folks that want to talk about him are the Dems. His legacy candidate if you want to call it that just knocked himself out by making a “mistake “.

President Biden is struggling with the teachers union a reliable ally of the Democratic party. The Federal government can’t can dictate that kids go back to school since the districts are under local control of the citizens and the Unions.

President Biden and the VP are struggling with the messaging about whether the teachers should be vaccinated first before going back to school. The people who most need their kids back in school are the ones that can’t WFM (work from home). The kids have missed nearly a whole year of in classroom learning and being with their peers. This is because of an illness that has statistically almost no effect on children. One more thing to consider, if we decide to get every teacher vaccinated there is almost a two month lag before the vaccine becomes effective.

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