Today I was thinking about the era of slavery. Forgive me going back to 1861 for a minute. My descendants were in the North. Since 90% + blacks lived in the South, I doubt if most people in the North ever saw a black person in person, much less held slaves. There is little historical record of slaves in New England where I am from. Massachusetts officially prohibited slavery in 1789. Yes, I know the early southern presidents held slaves.

The Civil War was started to free the slaves. 2% percent of the country or about 620,000 soldiers died fighting slavery. The Union soldiers, almost 100% white, fought and died to forbid the Southern Farmers from holding slaves as property.

Getting back to Today and this "white supremacy" belief. I am retired and I am still looking for a place to punch my white supremacy ticket for eternal prosperity. What concerns me if a young black person thinks she/he will never succeed because of a belief of white supremacy they will give up on their dreams.

I was born white. I had no choice. I don't feel guilty for being white. I respect others no matter what. I am not going to validate you by saying I have black friends. I don't pick my friends by color, like picking red apples or green apples. If I like somebody, I will spend more time with them.

I know you have certain beliefs and I am OK with that. Because I am white I would hope that you wouldn't attach labels to me. I think you know another name for that.

Best of luck to you with your writing.

Computer engineer in Silicon Valley. Writing about topics that interest me and may interest you.