These observations of typical male behavior are completely true. And yes it is annoying when those behaviors happen and distract us. It is a combination of pleasure, frustration and guilt for a man. Your focus immediately goes away when some other attractive woman breaks the spell.

Whether women want to admit it or not they crave the attention from both men and women. Take a wedding for example. Men have been wearing the same basic black outfit to weddings for centuries. On the other hand, women spend weeks finding a dress, shoes, jewelry and getting their hair ready. That's just for the wedding. Daily, women spend hours finding the right outfits, shoes, makeup. She takes much longer than a man to be ready for the day. She carries a purse full of tools to maintain her appearance during the day. Well off women don't hesitate to use cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance.

I know what you are thinking, women are forced by society to dress up. To some extend it's true. But doesn't explain why women spent so many hours to get ready and so many trips or virtual trips to refresh their closet. By the way, I noticed, ironically, a new ring, outfit or new shoes doesn't become a "go to" unless another women notices it and says something good about it.

After all this effort to improve your appearance don't be surprised or annoyed by the attention you get from men.

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