There is nothing more powerful than a well put together Woman. Men are no longer turned into stone but they become spellbound, you get our full attention as though by magic. Thank you to those who make the magic happen. I know it's a lie, but we remember that night you looked your best. It's unforgettable, the fantasy you create is real and lasting.

There is nothing wrong with improving what nature gave you. Aesthetics is highly valued by humans. Women who choose to stand out from other women by taking the extra time and money to invest in a "look" have that choice. Or not. Also women want to impress other women not just men.

A survey claimed women spend $313/month/$3756 year/$225,00 over a lifetime for makeup and beauty.

Sounds high but you get the idea. Plus the labor of applying the makeup it's a big investment. Worth the investment of time and money, I will never know. It's not an option available to me.

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