There are two sides to every story. Unfortunately, most of us hear only one side of the story. No doubt this/any couple (not sure if this is fact or fiction) had a good relationship at one time. One person in the relationship is unhappy and shares it with her friends/relationships. To make her appear to be more credible she exaggerates the situation. She may have not been that good to him. You don’t hear that part. Men have a way of shutting down when confronted with allegations of “poor performance” in a number of ways. This infuriates woman because they feel they aren’t being heard. You are being heard loud and clear when a man take a defensive posture and stops talking to you. That’s how a man copes in a confrontational relationship.

I didn’t look at all 200+ or so replies. The ones I reviewed are taking the same side, leave the bum, he is not good for you and by the way I had the same problem. Certainly there are people, male and female who are selfish in a relationship. When your friends share with you be sure you look at both sides. That’s just being a good friend.

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