There are 219 Democrats and eight fewer Republicans at 211 in the House. Of course it’s 50/50 in the Senate. That’s not a Democratic Mandate. It only gets worse if you are a Democrat because midterms are usually unkind to the Presidental party.

The Democrats aren’t trying to “reason" with the Republicans. They just don’t have the votes and they know it. Don’t think Senator Manchen is going to throw them a lifeline. Trump took every West Virginia County with a 68 % statewide majority.

Americans are tired of the pandemic. They want to left alone to heal from the wounds of the pandemic. About 600,000 are dead due the illness. Most people don’t care right now about Nancy, Chuck, Kamala, Mitch or either Joe. They are turning off the news and concetrating on repairing their lives that have been so disrupted by Covid.