The look on Oprah Winfrey's face was amazing when Ms. Markle accused the Royalty of racism. Oprah looked like I can't believe how lucky I am that this interview will get great rating. Oprah followed up with other questions to bring out the alleged racism and spike the rating.

Current feminism has become a form of narcissism, If I am not getting what I want from the other party usually a man, he is anti -feminist. Feminism is no longer about equality it's about being a bully.

Society is so confused about the proper behavior of woman. Ask a hundred woman what feminism means and you will get hundred different answers. Selfish women use feminism to get what they want. Many women feel guilty about treating men fairly since there may be rules against it. Women are the weaker sex physically but are much stronger verbally. In a culture where physical strength is not an asset, women have the advantage.

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