Thanks for quoting me. I will try to improve my grammar although I missed your point after reviewing it. I guess I made my point however flawed my grammar was in your opinion.

Having a man invade your safe space is all part of the process in a Democracy. Above all you don’t need permission to gain power in our government. The 19th amendment was ratified a hundred years ago. You would think a woman candidate would automatically get 50% of the vote. All she would need a few male votes. Honestly, I am tired of all the excuses.

I would like to have better candidates and better government. I don’t really care which bathroom they use. If you have the ambition to run for office do it. Don’t listen to those people who say you can’t run for office.

President Biden claims VP Harris is the last person he talks to before making a decision. That’s great to hear. I guess you could say a Woman has a seat at the table in the world’s most powerful democracy.

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