Thank for your reply. Yes the band and the Project are doing well.

I described what a man feels during sex. It's a mystery no doubt inherited from the thousands of generations of men before me. That was information I thought you might want to know. It doesn't mean I am ignoring a woman's feeling. obviously it takes two. I am not a woman. I only know what you are feeling by what I am told. Don't take that as a sign of disrespect. By the way, it seems to me a woman needs a machine to get a true organism. It that works for you fantastic. Your partner should gift you with a good one.

Popular culture wants to make all men just like these men who are taking advantage of women like Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton or the latest man in the news, Andrew Cuomo. These men took advantage of their position to exploit woman I don't think we can deny that. These men do not represent all men. Their acts are acts they performed on their own because of the power they had.

Let's talk about women's feeling. Men can respect a woman, do nice things to please to her and support her with kind words. But a man can not control a woman's feeling. Woman control their own feeling. Men absolutely hate this statement. Women, especially younger women say,

"You don't make me feel good about myself"

Men don't have a way to control how you well you feel about yourself. An adult woman (or man for that matter) puts herself in an environment where she can flourish and find satisfaction. If she needs to make a change in job, location, her relationships she has to have the courage to change them.

You only have one life. Men and woman need each other to complete themselves. The popular culture seems to be intent on male shaming and separating the sexes. Many singles enter a new relationship with a long check list. If a few items have't been checked, it's time to move on. If that works for you fine, chances are you will be by yourself and take pride in it. You can tell your friends and family don't need a man. If your female friends aren't in relationships you will get plenty of support.

It takes courage to challenge dogmatic assumptions. Don't be a victim, it's your life is not somebody else's life. Do what you need to do to stand out from the Herd.

Computer engineer in Silicon Valley. Writing about topics that interest me and may interest you.

Computer engineer in Silicon Valley. Writing about topics that interest me and may interest you.