Subconscious thoughts by definition are thoughts we aren’t fully aware of. The mind is very complex. We are a combination of old memories and create new memories every day. To say that subconscious thoughts control us is just too hard to believe. We are a dynamic species yet some scientists have come to believe we are frozen in time mentally. We are not. We are confronted with new sense data constantly which remakes old memories.

The supposition that males are more susceptible to humiliation than females isn’t anything I am familiar with. The state of your mind must be open to insults to be humiliated. Insults only affect the fertile mind.

I would agree with you, men are stronger and therefore more destructive. The one male in a 1000 who acts out criminally creates an atmosphere that all men are secretly dangerous. Our present culture ignores statistics and makes broad conclusions about all men. It’s sad.

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