Stiletto heels and pencil shirts, how do I get a job there ? Seriously, you have many more options for employment than your mother had. I know what you a thinking, feminism got us here. Perhaps. I think its more due to technology. Jobs based on muscle are far fewer. With the invention/adaption of high speed internet computers no longer had to wired to a server. Yes kids they had wires. Computers left the office and could go places.

If I was just starting out I would be working on a way to work from Maui. Not everyone has the talent to be a YouTube millionaire, but maybe an assistant to an Internet Millionaire could pull down 100k. Tons of opportunities are becoming available outside the four walls of an office where you are required to wear stiletto heels. Talented, creative people are always in demand. Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch opportunity pass you by.

Computer engineer in Silicon Valley. Writing about topics that interest me and may interest you.