So many people people have lost their income especially in retail because of the virus. Teachers can't do their job either but in most cases they still have full pay and benefits.

In my state with a population of 7.3 million, 10 people under 20 have died of covid 19. It's very tragic for those 10 families and I feel for them. To keep the rest of the kids out of school doesn't seem justified.

The threat of this virus will be with us possibly over a year until we get everybody vaccinated. Our children have already missed four months of school. Are we going to not educate our children for over a year ?

Online learning may be the answer. Underprivileged child could be provided with a low cost computer and internet access through a state program. But I don't hear any leadership from educators to make online a success. Instead educators want to complain about the President and Betsy DeVos. It's their right to complain about government but it doesn't get our kids educated.

Since the death rate due to the virus affects older adults maybe the older teachers will need to retire early. If teachers have comorbidities they may need to stay from public access as well. These teachers can come back when the crisis is over.

Educating our kids like we used to is not an option. Let me repeat, business as usual is not an option. In the military, we had a saying "lead, follow or get out of the way". I hope our educators will help us by providing leadership to educate our children in these unusual times.

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