Slavery ended in 1863. Jim Crow ended in 1963. None of that should have happened but it did. It is now 2020.

We arm our police with deadly weapons without a good alternative to protect the innocent. And we have 2 million people in jail with a greater percentage of blacks than in the general population. That’s too many.

Implying the entire white race thinks and acts in a certain way is racist. You being a racial scholar should know that . Ideally, educated leaders like yourself should focus on solutions. Like getting a better education for blacks in the inner city. Equipping the police with non-lethel weapons. Or finding ways to get drug offenses shortened to get people out of jail. Or getting better training for the police so they can handle a crisis that none of us would want to be involved in.

Immflamatory rhetoric isn’t going to help one troubled youth get out of poverty. It’s sad so many kids can’t reach their true potential in this climate of self imposed chaos.

In short, I am feed up with all the finger pointing.

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