Reminds me of Green Acres a series in the late 60s and in syndication. The premise was the rich couple moved from Manhattan to the a farm in the midwest. One of the main stars was Arnold the pig a large hog who lived in the mansion. Zsa Zsa Gabor an aging actress played the part of privileged woman displaced from her home on Park Ave in Manhattan. She often wore evening gowns during the day. She spoke with a heavy accent like our former First Lady.

The main plot was the cosmopolitan couple interacting with the farm animals and the country people. Edie Albert, the husband extolled the country life and Zsa Zsa talked the shops on Park Avenue and the city life.

Such a simple premise lasted for six years and 170 episodes. Maybe the ex-royals will get a pig to live with the chickens. We can have a 2021 version of Green Acres or better yet Santa Barbara Shores Survivors find their way in the former British Colony.

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