President elect Biden won because he wasn't Donald Trump. He has no mandate with just 50.1 % of the vote for Biden to win. The Dems lost seats in Congress and the Senate very likely will be in Republican control.

The vote does indicate we are very polarized as nation. The media is already gloating about their victory. The media is shouting as always, Trump is a racist, misogamist and incompetently handled a pandemic. Half the country doesn't believe that, but the media is shoving this narrative down our collective throats. This is troubling.

And Trump being Trump is being a sore loser. We are going to have weeks of law suits and accusations until Biden is reluctantly accepted as the next President.

After Biden takes charge, the progressives will be trying to drag the country into these massive high ticket expenditures. The progressives will be disappointed and will be shouting from the streets when the moderates prevail in a Biden administration.

To maintain our sanity somehow we are going to have to turn off the paid media and social media except for of course. And not talk politics in family gatherings.