Oct 10 marked the 123rd nightly protest for George Floyd and others. This time police were ready and quickly arrested 26 people and the protest was dispersed.

There are almost no Americans that don't believe the George Floyd incident at the hands of police was a murder. Derek Chauvin, the alleged killer of George Floyd was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter. He could serve 40 years in jail. The other three officers on the scene were charged with manslaughter. Chauvin had 18 complaints on his official record. He was involved in three shooting with one fatal shooting .

During Martin Luther King era their were protests as well of course. MLK was an amazing statesman when we needed one. Blacks were routinely being killed by white mobs at the time in the old confederate south. The solution was to get blacks registered to vote so they could serve on juries to convict white racists of their crimes. The Civil Rights and Voting rights bills were passed and enforced in the 60's and most of the killing stopped. Mr. King was killed by a segregationist in 1968 during his campaign to support black city workers in Memphis.

Most police are dedicated individuals who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect you and me. The problem is a few "bad apples" on the police force use violence to arrest alleged criminals. Derek Chauvin was known to do that according to his record. Chauvin was an union protected police officer when he allegedly killed George Floyd. It's certainly possible there are one or two other officers on Minneapolis Police force with record of unjustified violence in performance of their duties.

Getting back to the protests. Do Black Lives Matter ? Of course they do. Do the protests have a leader like Martin Luther King to lead the protests and get concrete results? Is the police violence problem being addressed ? Are the "bad apples" being identified and dismissed from police forces ? I think if Mr. King was still alive with his leadership, wonderful speeches and focused plans of action we would get a better police and lives would be saved. I'm hoping that leader will appear and led us out of this mess.

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