Not drawing any conclusions Mr. Dyer...

But the crime map seems to overlap the race map.

All I am saying is if you are Black or Hispanic you are much more likely to be a victim of crime. Very sad and a failure of the political system. They have had single party rule since 1931.

I will never forget Major Richard J. Daley at the '68 Democratic Convention as the last so called last big city boss. Daley was hopping mad at the Vietnam war protesters outside his beloved Chicago City Democratic Convention. His blue helmeted Chicago Police were outside vigorously cracking heads of college kids. Quite a vivid image at the time.

Richard J and his son Richard M. were Mayors of Chicago for an incredible 43 years between 1955 and 2011. They were well known for their patronage. City favors traded for political clout. Rumor has it Richard J won the election for John F. Kennedy with his team effort to count the votes. Enough to throw Cook County therefore the entire State of Illinois to John Kennedy.

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