New inflation, barely 50% covid vaccinated, multi-trillion dollar bills railroaded through Congress and now "Botched" Afghanistan. The Afghanistan issue will not end August 31. Afghanistan terrorists will continue to create problems globally especially since they are much better armed with American weapons. Our commitment in Afghanistan will continue. Unfortunately there is a likelihood our troops will be back in Afghanistan sometime in the future.

You mention having a woman in the White House. Naturally you would think Kamala Harris is next in line. She is barely able to manage the office of the Vice President much less the entire Country. Virtually guaranteeing a four year term for President Biden.

If you want to play the race card, it's still a white majority country about 65%. Trump did better with the Hispanic vote in his second run. We proved we could elect twice a black president or half black president anyway. I hope Trump doesn't run such a whiner. Ron DeSantis is probably the leading candidate overall. By the time President Biden is finished, America will be ready for a conservative President.

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