Ms Froio love your writing. You have covered a lot of territory starting from feminism in the 1970's up until now. From housing, to childcare, defunding the police. Domestics filling in for higher skilled women leaving the home for working outside the home and the ramifications of staying at home during the pandemic.

You say women have not been liberated. Does that include the higher skilled women who have left the home to work, hiring domestics in their place ?

Many men aren't commuting to work so they can't skip out on the dishes and laundry. Assuming men are helping around the house are their female partners liberated ?

Hotel and kitchen workers are being grossly impacted by lack of work because of the pandemic. Even though these jobs are menial; lack of any work must be very stressful. Are those women better off or worse off.

You said

"Women won’t be liberated through simply sharing or delegating the workload; we need a much more imaginative and revolutionary solution that goes beyond individual households."

You have told us how women are not liberated and I understand your arguments. What I am trying to understand is how do we know women are liberated ? What does that world look like ?

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