MOST men spend their lives being reckless, irresponsible, and lose dicked and when their mortality starts to set in around their mid 40’s, they straighten up just enough to remain comfortable while they have robbed the women who have tried to love them of her bliss.

Most men have stolen a women's bliss ?

Really, how was that allowed to happen ?

There is no honor in being mistreated, disregarded and humiliated and there wont ever be.

Women are far more skilled in that department if they want to be.

By the time a man has reached his forties he has already experienced Family Court. He is ordered to pay money to a woman who hates him and feels entitled to his money after the marriage ends. Women have an chance to win the marriage lottery. Men most often lose that lottery.

By the time the women you know reach their forties they have a list of standards for men. Confronted with a list of minimum standards, a mature man with a secure standard of living is saying no thanks, that's not what I want. I would rather be alone.

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