Men for the most part work longer hours at harder jobs. A majority of our teachers for example are woman. The school day begins around 8 AM and ends at 2:30. You get the Summer off, two weeks at Christmas and every holiday imaginable. A typical male with a family works fifty hours a week including the commute. A man with a family typically works at home on proposals or takes an extra shift on Saturday at the plant. The man has extra responsibilities for supporting the family financially. Mom’s job sometimes is “optional” reserved for things she wants. His money is our money for the household, her money is special for her to spend as she sees fit.

How long does it take to throw a load in the laundry or cook an evening meal ? More like minutes than hours. Yet it’s such a big deal for a woman to spent a little more time at home. And men do work at home maintaining the appliances, fixing the plumbing and taking care of the house if you are a home owner.

So before you preach to men about how lazy they are take everything into account. Men don’t brag about what they do to maintain the home but everything a women for the family is highlighted in detail. Creating discord between men and women when it’s not justified, it is destructive not enlightening.

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