Love your articles Alecia.

Unfortunately we only have one word for commitment in the English language.

"But if you have truly committed to a person, an ideal, a dream, or a goal " You can add to the list a dog, cat, sports team or presidential candidate or political party or job, etc..

So what do all things have in common ? It is how the mind can focus on a list. To fulfill the commitment you have list of duties you must perform to maintain the commitment. What causes us to execute the list ? It's love. Another English term that should have other names. Love is the fuel that drives the commitment.

You said

"Commitment isn’t something to avoid, dread, or fear. Commitment isn’t a ball and chain around our leg, dragging us down at every turn."

Sometimes it is. We can be selfish. Commitment isn't a straight line, there are turns, dead ends and pauses along the way. And peaks and valleys.

Our love of the object of our commitment changes our mind. We have a list, we do the items. Or not.

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