Love your article since the words, feminism and feminist were left out entirely. Wasn't sure what exactly is a high quality man was from your article but you implied he had a good job, fit and was respectful and fun to be with. Having a good job means he isn't a 9-5er, works longer hours and possibly weekends to be a standout. A successful man is a busy man.

Men can be manipulative but they would rather not be. A woman who is dishonest in this way is a turn off. Holding off on intimacy catches our interest and commitment. Remember men are concerned about a woman's past, women are concerned about a man's future. Age works against us as far as attracting the best mate, more so for women. Showing respect for a man goes far just like any relationship. Repeating dogmatic feminism and how men have to live up to it is a deal killer for a man that has many choices.

Today, I was shocked. At the coffee shop I was a few steps ahead of a women and waited about 10 extra seconds to hold the door for her. She looked me in the eyes and said it's so nice for a MAN to hold the door for me. I sure will remember her in the future. She had on a mask so I didn't get a good look at her. That simple gesture meant a lot to me. Men are so disrespected in this current culture, a simply nice lady is a real turn on and makes you a standout.

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