Jim Crow was an atrocity visited on blacks undone during the Johnson administration in the mid 1960’s. Jim Crow applied to six states out of 50. That doesn’t make it any better.

As far as fascist Presidents, meaning use of government power again a race, religion or nationality that would be FDR. He signed executive order 9066 to sent the Army to gather up innocent US citizens of Japanese and German decent. These Citizens were put on trains and buses to stay in camps in the Arizona desert and other hostile climates in the US interior for the duration of WW 2 while we fought the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese forces.

As far as women saying no. True there are psychopaths amongst us, but fortunately they are they pretty rare. You probably have heard many woman tell you that they said no at first to their future husband of 30 years and longer. They said no to make sure that the man was serious about her.

You know the saying “happy wife, happy life". It’s just as true now as it was fifty years ago. Women have never been shy about getting their needs met.

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