Jim Crow restrictions in the old South were brought down during the President Johnson era. Before that black citizens who tried to register to vote were not even permitted to sign up to vote by the counties. If they pressed their case to vote a gang might show up at their house to make their point. Or to register you had to pass this ridiculous test. Poll taxes were another way to suppress voting. Juries became all white since juries are drawn from the voting rolls. White violence against blacks was condoned because of all white juries. President Johnson put Federal US marshals in those states to stop laws and practices of those trying prevent black voting. It was largely a successful program. That was sixty years ago.

Voting is a responsibility of every American. If it's a bit more inconvenient to vote it shouldn't be a good reason to not vote. If it's a felony to accept water while waiting to vote, bring your own water. Voting places everywhere have rules to prevent candidate advocates from talking to the voters in line waiting to vote. Having a photo id is something we all need to get around in the community. If a citizen can't get a photo id then we need to address that issue specifically. Typically only about 60% of voters actually vote. The counties do their best to plan but sometimes voting lines get long. A long voting line doesn't mean there is some sort of conspiracy.

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