It’s a given, the boss isn’t interested in your career, they are invested in their own. The boss answers to their boss. Your boss is a filter. They can either pass on the good things or the bad things you do. Number one, your boss considers their survival in company their number one goal. You can say all you want about how unfair that is, but accept it and deal with it.

When you agree to work for someone else, your purpose is to support someone else’s ambitions. You may learn some new skills along the way. That’s useful to you later on. You’re there for the paycheck. Men handle this better, we are less emotional and less invested. It seems from your article that there are principles involved, there should be more compassion. You are shocked that there is gaslighting involved to deceive you into doing tasks that you don’t believe in. That how companies survive and thrive.

Bottom line, companies and organizations have a culture, set of beliefs or core principles. If you aren’t a believer sooner or later they get rid of you. Work is a selfish lover, don’t emotionally invest in your work, invest in yourself and close relationships.

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