It seems like you are taking one experience and assuming every male is the same. No it's not your job to "educate them all". If all you have learned about men is what you have learned in your gender studies class then I feel sorry for you. If you believe there is still a patriarchy that actively controls women that wasn't really true ever. Simply look at your mother or grandmother. Do they let the men in their life control them ? Probably the other way around.

Men are different, they aren't like women. Men have a desire for sex more than women. Women have a similar equivalent very strong desire to be respected, loved and desired. Often these desires work together and couples have successful relationships.

Forget about these so called "traditional roles". Learn about yourself and learn about men. Men aren't perfect and neither are you. You need a fresh start. Open your mind accept what is in front of you. Give that future guy a chance.

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