It kind of defies logic that if don't make an effort especially when you are starting out that you will somehow succeed at something. No matter what "system" you believe in if you make no effort you will get no rewards. Every human being can succeed at something. Unfortunately if you buy into this philosophy that no effort is the best effort you will be a very unhappy person. Don't do things for others, don't succeed for others, it's your life your unique talents and ambition.

All humans are valuable. We value others especially when they care to make an effort. Set a few goals and follow through on them. Let other people help you. They are more than willing to help you succeed.

I agree with you, "We have to change ourselves to change the world." I hope you read this article a year from now and wonder why you were so wrong about finding happiness. Happiness starts with you. You don't need anybody's permission.

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