In Woman as Inventor Gage argues that women’s contributions to humanity’s knowledge, technology, and inventions were regularly clouded, dismissed, and even stolen by men. One of the many examples she gave is Catharine Greene who invented the cotton gin, yet it was Eli Whitney who received the credit

There is no evidence that Catherine Greene invented the Cotton Gin and somehow Eli Whitney stole it. She is listed as a financial supported, helping him with a shop to work in and help with getting his patent established. We have some great female inventors in history just that she isn't one of them.

Let assume every one of these claims Ms Gage make are true. Even so, for every one woman inventor there are 100 men inventors. Does that mean women are intellectually inferior ? Of course not.

Take this page

Hundreds of 20th Century Inventors. One in 20, one in 50 of the names appear to be women.

Am I being anti-woman to point this out ? I can't explain why there aren't more woman on the list. Can we assume all these men stole the credit from women ? Hopefully we will see more women in this centuries list of inventors.

To prove to you how fair I am, I wrote this article about Rosalind Franklin.

She deserves some credit for the discovery of DNA. Unfortunately she died of cancer before the Nobel Prize was given. Winners have to be alive to get the prize. And yes she was treated badly by Watson and Crick.

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