If you ask one hundred woman what they think feminism means you will get one hundred different answers. The people who push modern feminism are those in academia with a safe job and summers off. When they are in person teaching it’s a few hours, a few days a week. Most recently they at home teaching remotely. Professors can expect a nice pension and health care when they retire at a relatively young age.

Child care isn’t part of the their feminist narrative since the emphasis is on good careers for women because they have to make a lot money to repay their college debt due to hyperinflated college tuition. And yes I wonder how women with children get by with schools still closed. If women are in food service, warehouse or manufacturing or other professions you can’t exactly phone it in.

And children suffer with hyperstresed parents like you who can’t get adequate child care. Modern feminism doesn’t even address raising children. We went from women whose only job was to raise children to a point that child raising is something we do only when time is available.

In my mother’s and grandmother’s generation woman took pride in raising their children. We as a society have forgotten how important it was for children to get the attention they need. We have taken something away and haven’t replaced it. Sadly the needs of our children and families have been sacrificed because of the Femininist dogma.

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