If you are about 40 as a women your choices are much more limited than 10-20 years ago. If you do find a man in his forties he better have a steady income otherwise you have found yourself a loser. An average income male in his forties has no incentive to marry a financially successful woman. Currently a typical successful women will feel the man should out earn her and be resentful if he isn’t.

All things being equal a man would prefer a younger woman. A forty something male can’t play the marriage lottery game since there is no way he will win the lottery. If he is forty and a good candidate he may have already been taken to divorce court and learned his lesson.

It’s kind of a hard lesson to learn for woman. Go to college, get advanced degrees and be so much in debt and you have to find a very time consuming job and follow a career until you’re in your late 30s / 40s. Look around for mate and find out all the men that are in the top 10% percent are having so much fun they aren’t ready to settle down. And the average 40 year old can possibly meet your standards.

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