If I may extend on this topic ...

Coincidentally I am watching a youtube from Lori Gottlieb. She just said some women believe

"Every guy I date is terrible, a jerk, disappointing, unreliable..."

She follows up with...

"Maybe it's because you are choosing people like that. It's called 'repetition compulsion'

On the other hand, if you she does find a good man... She pushes him away. "She feels numb, repulsed or anxious" with people that are good for her.

I think, 35+ women especially choose to date horrible men just to validate the believe that there are no good men out there. It's better to be single. Unfortunately, their girlfriends back up this belief because it's so popular to bash men.

"Lori Gottlieb Talks Women's Unrealistic Standards, Wrong Partners, Dating Accountability + More"

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