If a men waited for women to make the first move relationships would never happen. I never heard of the term PUA which sounds so creepy. How about being overtly friendly ?

The sex urge in men is matched by the need to be loved in women. The urges are just as strong but somehow men are put down as beasts. Getting a woman's attention is how relationships start. It's very hard to get up the nerve to approach a woman. I guess there are classes for men "that don't have game." Perfectly good husbands and fathers are put on the sidelines because they can't make the "first move" .

A man without confidence goes home alone. Some men need to attend classes to break through barriers that every man needs to confront. Learning and practicing pickup lines sounds creepy. For some very good men that's their only alternative. It's what society expects of us even if it's a little creepy.

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