I was in engineering most of my career. In software there are more women than most engineering professions. One in five to one in eight are woman. The language of software is common and the focus is sharp. The differences between the sexes was very small, it just wasn't an emphasis. As far as STEM being the answer for a young women's future, not so fast. Software is a tough profession. It's either too many hours or none at all. Projects and software companies come and go at a rapid pace. Jobs come quickly and layoffs are frequent. Your skills are rapidly going obsolete. It's always train and retrain.

I remember when my daughter was in grade school. The boys were running around, throwing stuff and being physical with each other. The girls seemed to organize in groups and badmouth the girls in the other groups. Simply said the little girls were verbal and the little boys physical. No adult organized the children that way. They just came up with that organization naturally.

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