I think most men find beautiful woman appealing yet unapproachable. As for the woman herself she can’t judge whether others are liking her or her beauty. Beautiful woman make many other woman jealous and defensive.

According to you, your mother was proud of her beauty and dressed well. And you felt that all the attention she got diminished you. She could have worn loose clothes and little make-up. But that wasn’t her. A little tolerance would have helped. That’s not easy for a teenager.

At least women have alternatives. You can enhance your appearance at will. There is nothing more invisible than a man at a wedding. We are stuck wearing the same outfit that our fathers and grandfathers wore. Women can be creative and express themselves in a different way daily.

True, women are objectivefied. Men are made invisible mostly. To complain about it doesn’t make any difference. Embrace what you have. Fretting about it is just self destructive.

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