I remember the sixties and all the turmoil about black issues. The Watts race riots burned down a big swath of the city in 1967 along with 157 other race riots that year. MLK and Robert Kennedy were assinated in 1968. Numerous police actions along with growling dogs took place in a few southern states and highlighted on the national news when we had only three networks.

Several bills were passed like the civil rights and voting rights acts. Federal troops and Marshals were sent to the south to enforce the new legislation.

If you were black and lived in some southern states you faced blantant racism. I remember one woman telling me they desegregated her lunch place. She told me it was no big deal people just adjusted to eating together in a multiracial restaurant.

My concern about a show concerning a typical black kid growing up in the sixties will open old wounds. As a nation we worked hard to accept racial harmony. Some would have you believe racial inequality is just like it was in the 1960’s. It’s not but so many will exploit a show like the new Wonder Years only to say see it’s just like it is now. Clearly it’s not.

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