I read your rules

Inclusive cultures begin with inclusive leadership

and the Seven Rules to make it easier for women.,,

If you want to be respected in the workspace simply contribute something. We are all individuals with strengths and weaknesses. I think women are smart enough and strong enough to be in a competitive workplaces without training wheels. If you want to make a difference don't wait for a man to somehow validate you. Woman in general are far better communicators than men. You should be running circles around men in getting tasks done, why would you wait around for a man to say that's OK sweetie you can do it.

Some modern women worry so much about getting respect they don't accomplish anything worthwhile other than create an uproar. Organizations fail in chaos. And you wonder why. If you let HR run things in an organization people get very frustrated, nothing gets done and people quit. Office politics is an expensive waste of time. We are humans and we have to find ways to get along. But if office politics is consuming time and effort, schedules slip and departments or companies fail. There is nothing worse than seeing a project with 100 people because the vision was lost.

So lead, follow or get out of the way. Get the job done and forget about the stereotypes.

Computer engineer in Silicon Valley. Writing about topics that interest me and may interest you.