“I need that,” she told me. “As a woman, I need that. Sometimes, I need to feel protected. I want to be able to just let go. I want to be able to let him hold me, keep the world at bay for just a few minutes. I need them to share their knowledge with me. I want to ask them questions and get their advice so I can sharpen my money skills and the other things that men are encouraged to do in this culture that women are not. I need them to empower me to do that.”

That's what men offer women if you let them. The question is how could a modern feminist have that sort of relationship and give up on her feminist beliefs?

Third and Fourth wave feminism identify men as toxic, inclined to rape, abusive, married to the patriarchy and basically useless. The point is woman already acquired equality thanks to Betty Friedan, Germaine Greer and other earlier feminist advocates.

This is all new territory for the sexes. I think there are few winners and many losers. Your article does a good job outlining the current dilemma woman are having about men. Pretending men are going somehow become well behaved females is simply not going to happen.

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