I haven’t seen hours and hours of footage of the Jan 6 riot but to me it seemed to be a motley crew of Trump lovers. I didn’t see any crosses of any form nor did I see any prayer groups. I do remember a guy dressed up like a Yiking, some guy with the stars and the bars, some guy with Nancy’s podium and some white guy lounging at Nancy’s desk. Trump’s crowd was/is Hillary’s deplorables, many conservative Christians and nonpracticing Christians and antiprogressives, white, black and brown. I heard many were exmilitary.

The insurrectionists are a blank canvas. You can them Christians. You can call them white even though the crowd appeared multiracial according to racial percentages nationwide. You can call them angry or just plain curious about the inside of the Capital. Some called them racist without much evidence the numbers of whites was anymore than the general population. No doubt the Capital riot is good for fund raising for all kinds of groups. And of course the riot is great for cable news profits.

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