I had the pleasure of working with woman engineers at companies like Apple. No drama just a common interest in engineering. By the time a woman enters the workforce she has been training alongside men for years. They are used to being outnumbered. Nobody cares what sex they are.

One thing you should be aware of is how the brain is taken over by an engineering displine. It’s like you are always solving puzzles in your head. It’s hard to concentrate on other things outside the displine. We are called geeks for a reason.

Finally STEM isn’t the answer to prosperity. You can get a job quickly but lose it just as quickly. It’s usual for a software company to last more than five years. When the company disappears you are lucky to get 60 days of severance. It takes at least 90 days to get a new job. 30 days to get your resume out, 30 days for various rounds of interviews, 30 more days for background checks and onboarding. Then a week or two before your first check. And this happens over and over again. Add that to the fact that your skills are constantly becoming obsolete, you have to retrain constantly. You have to love the profession in spite of the numerous downsides. Getting young women interested in STEM is not an automatic ticket to prosperity. It’s kind of curse if you let it be.

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