I don't worry much about violence against me or of course being raped. But I often see woman in the public and consider what it would be like if I was a woman and to be attacked. I have empathy for women and basically their unequal status in terms of personal safety.

Recently, I was walking in the city. I happened to see a full backpack sitting in the middle of the sidewalk and briefly glanced at it. Less than a minute later this man starts swearing at me for trying to steal his backpack. I didn't confront him, I am sure if I had he would have started punching me. He was obviously mentally disturbed. Instead I held my ground ignoring what he was saying, walking by him within striking distance. He didn't hit me fortunately. I wasn't going to be bullied.

You had me until "Violence against women is so normalized in our society, no one bats an eye when it happens". If a man hits a woman it's usually in a domestic situation. If the police are called guess who goes to jail ? If a woman lies about violence by her domestic partner, guess who goes to jail ? Certainly women who put up with violence shouldn't. Certainly men who put up with physical violence from their female partner shouldn't. Domestic violence is unlawful but you have to report it.

I don't know anyone or any institution in the US that accepts violence against women. I don't agree that losing your clothes out of a commonly used dryer is violence. It's rude, inconsiderate and wrong but it's not violence against women. If a women was in the office and she wasn't able to share the video of the theft how would it have been different ?

"When we fail to acknowledge violence, the cycle continues and becomes harder to disrupt. As a society, we need to unapologetically acknowledge when violence occurs, so that justice can follow."

If you can prove violence Today, you can call the police and get justice especially if it's in a video. With a proven case you will get justice. If the video was of an attack, the police can immediately take a copy of the video. If the apartment manager did not give up the video he or she would be arrested until the video was released. There are remedies to violence against women or men for that matter. The system isn't perfect, but no way is violence against women the norm.

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